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The Beginning of Dream

MLII Productions was founded by Michael Lillie II in 2014 after 3 years of growing app sales on Google Play Android App Market as hobby. Lillie realized that his hobby should be his career. MLII Productions joined the Samsung Corporate Seller family as Theme App Partner in December of 2015. The first Samsung Released Theme App was the Trekkie Dream II APP released on February 4, 2016.

New Media and Web Design

MLII Productions will take your company's Web presence to the next level. We offer a comprehensive range of services.

Meeting Your Business Needs

Our expert designers will listen to you as they create a website that helps to promote and grow your business.


Where dreams come to life

MLII Productions is a creative design and mobile application development business which specializes in creating custom user interface themes. MLII productions can take a client’s idea and design everything from custom icons and notifications to tailor made weather widgets and wallpapers. MLII Productions can make our clients dreams come true.

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Our Award Winning Apps

Our Samsung Awards included;

  • Samsung 2018 People's Choice Themes
  • Black PanTech Theme App - Samsung Top Grossing: March thru August 2018
  • Happy New Year in Times Square Theme App - Second Place Badge Up Contest 2018
  • MJ Zombie Dance Theme App - Samsung's Best of 2017, Samsung Top Grossing 2017
  • Trekkies Dream APP - Samsung Top Grossing: 2016 and first half 2017
  • The Purple Genius APP - Samsung Top Grossing 2016 and 2017, Editor's Pick 2016
  • The HipHop Makaveli - Samsung Top Grossing 2017, Top 100 June 2017

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Our Top Theme Apps

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